As part of our commitment to being an industry leader in every aspect of our business, Bridgestone Americas strives to be a good steward of the earth and its resources. Bridgestone has a long-standing commitment to sustainability that is reflected in our company’s environmental mission “to help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations.” Bridgestone established the One Team, One Planet environmental program to advance our environmental mission and focus our efforts.  Under this program framework, our leadership and our teammates are focused on identifying ways we can change the game by being a leader in sustainable corporate behavior.

The Bridgestone Tires4ward program is founded on the vision of achieving a waste-free tire industry. For every tire Bridgestone sells in the U.S., our goal is to ensure that one spent tire — or any tire that has been taken out of use —  goes on to another valuable purpose. Bridgestone’s company-owned retail stores recycle 100 percent of the spent tires they remove from vehicles.  Last year alone, Bridgestone retail stores saved more than 10 million spent tires from the landfill.

The Bridgestone Tires4ward program also recycles tires collected as part of organized community clean-up events across the country. Citizens participating in an organized clean-up event may request Bridgestone’s help recycling the tires collected as part of that effort by completing this form. Once the form is completed, Bridgestone will contact the clean-up project coordinator directly to coordinate the logistics of tire drop-off at a local Bridgestone retail store and/or on-site tire removal. Logistics can be a challenge at some remote sites, but working together we will do our best to make sure

Since the Tiress4ward program launched in 2012, Bridgestone has supported more than 350 community clean-up events and recycled almost 90,000 tires from rivers, streams and communities nationwide. Bridgestone is working to change the landscape of the tire and automotive industry and make a waste-free tire industry a reality.