Energy Efficient Building Products

Firestone Building Products produces a number of innovative and energy efficient building products. Three examples include our Firestone Polyiso Foam Insulation Board, PondGard, and our Green Roofing products.

"From Roots to Rooftops" illustrates how Firestone Building Products helps improve efficiencies throughout the entire building footprint.

The Firestone Polyiso Foam Insulation Board is the insulation trusted most by roofing professionals and is used in approximately 60% of all new commercial construction. Over its in-use lifetime, each square foot of this extremely lightweight and very stable product saves hundreds of times the energy invested in its manufacture.

Firestone Building Products also provides highly reflective roof membranes and coatings to meet Energy Star requirements. EcoWhite EPDM, UltraPly TPO, and UltraWhite APP and SBS asphalt systems are durable products that exceed the criteria for EnergyStar certification and USGBC LEED points. Roofing systems that use these products can be warranted up to 30 years.

Our SkyScape Garden Roof systems bring the power of nature to commercial roofing. Garden roofs are a fast-growing segment in commercial roofing, offer numerous environmental benefits, including storm-water retention and reduced urban heat island effect. They also help buildings earn points for the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. The new Firestone SkyPavers also add an attractive look to garden roofs with durable, light weight pavers the size of a brick that are made of recycled tires.

The Firestone Sunwave Daylighting products let the sun shine in buildings with a prismatic dome that optimizes the distribution of sunlight inside the building. By increasing the use of natural lighting in the building, we help our customers save on their lighting bills and reduce the cost of air conditioning.