The Bridgestone Americas environmental mission is to help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations. The driving force behind this mission is conservation- using less of natural resources like water, petroleum and rubber.

Our company’s overarching mission is to serve society through superior products. We manufacture and service the best products in the world, taking into account their complete life cycle, from beginning to end. That’s why conservation of natural resources is at the core of our environmental mission- so we can bring you products from the beginning of their life until the end.

Our products require significant amounts of natural resources and energy. By working hard to conserve, we can offer you industry-leading products at lower cost, and with a lower impact on the environment.

Conservation extends beyond our products, to all of our operations. We have measured our natural resource and energy use, emissions and waste, and have tracked our reductions for many years. Our conservation ethic is at the core of our company- and  reflects the Bridgestone Essence.

We are proud of our commitment to the environment, our achievements and the recognition we’ve received for our environmental efforts. We invite you to read our Corporate Environmental Mission Statement and visit the Operations page for current environmental performance metrics.


“Bridgestone’s focus on [environmental] protection and stewardship is a hallmark of this company’s dedication to quality, and we are certainly fortunate to have corporate citizens of this caliber in Tennessee.”
                                                 – Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen, 2006